pillow inserts wholesale

The long-lastingness of pillow inserts will depend on the quality of the fabric used to cover it. And the fabric quality will depend on the fiber used in the construction of the fabric. The properties of fabric like retaining color, gloss, strength, wash-ability and soothing touch will depend on the fiber used to make it. Before you buy pillow inserts, always ask the provider of eco friendly pillow inserts wholesale, if he can show you the fabric sample. This fabric sample should be labeled with the fiber content. Acetate is quite popular fabric for pillow cases. It is quite low on fiber strength but resistant to household pests. It comes at competitive prices and tends to discolor from mildew and bacteria. It can be dry-cleaned with specific petroleum products. Cotton is also widely purchased as fabric for pillow cases. It dyes easily and gets spoiled by mildew and bacteria. It can be washed with dry-cleaning solvents.


Flax also has strong fibers. It wrinkles easily. Mildew in humid environment can damage it. It can also be dry-cleaned. Leather is widely used for making pillow inserts. It is heat sensitive. It should not be dry-cleaned which can take away natural oils, disrupt finish. It should be cleaned with commercial leather cleaner. Nylon is resilient to abrasion. It is low on creasing or wrinkling and high on strength and wearability. Other popular fabric choices are polyester, rayon, olefin and vinyl. Always buy from a reputed provider of pillow inserts wholesale who can show you all the options in high quality.