Every time a business owner is deciding where to locate a branch of his company, security is always a top concern. Facility access controls standard is often measured based on how complex it is, and by extension, how hard it would be for an attack to get his way. Facilities with weak access control systems in any company are ever in imminent danger. The type of facility access control systems are decided on based on the type and sensitivity of work that is undertaken in the given facility. Some facility owners choose to manage their own access control systems while others outsource facility access control management to a third party.

Deciding on the type of system

Manual access control systems are not a good idea for business facilities where there are many doors, and access for many users is needed. Business facilities work best with automated systems that can be controlled from a central place.

You also want a system that can allow you to add and remove access permissions with ease. Good business facility access control systems will typically have an emergency lockdown, audit capability and other oversight and administration abilities. All these features would be non-existent in a manual system.

facility access control

Flexibility of access control systems

Facility access control systems have undergone a metamorphosis through the years. Today, the systems are quite flexible. Some now require workstations and software while others can be entirely web-based. Most access control systems in use in today’s business facilities will usually have key fobs or readers that have access credentials of the individual holder. But, perhaps the most widely used are cards.

Card access control systems

Card facility access control systems are popular because of their numerous advantages. Firstly, card facility access control makes it possible to code subcontractors and company employees with limited access to certain areas in the business facility.

You can also setup the system to limit individual access to certain areas at a certain date. You can, for instance, setup the permissions of an employee who is about to retire to expire the day they officially leave the company. With card access systems, you can also install biometric devices to scan a person’s handprints or fingerprints.

When choosing the type of system that would best serve your business, keep in mind the growth rate of the company. Setting up security systems is a money-demanding undertaking and should therefore be done with the future in mind. Go for a facility access control system that can adequately serve the needs of your business for at least 5 years.

The way of doing business in the 21st century has changed quite significantly. Today’s business leaders require a business environment that allows them to connect with their teams even when they are not physically at the workplace.

Consequently, it would serve you and your business well to go for a facility access control system that is web-based. This way, you can keep tabs on the goings-on at your business premises even when your business undertakings take you far away.