garage door repair in nj

Garage doors have improved a lot since the days when it looked just like a barn door – huge panels mounted on hinges with a lock in the middle.  Now there are many types of garage doors.  There are still hinged doors, roll-up doors, spring loaded doors, and a whole lot more.  Where doors were closed by hand, now you have a choice of chain driven, screw driven, or belt driven electric door closers.  Where doors used to be made simply of wood or steel, garage doors are now available in a wide variety of materials.  The International Door Association lists many manufacturers of different types of garage doors.

All the improvements and all the different types of materials have lead to more things that can go wrong.  Garage door repair NJ lists a number of common garage door problems, some of which you can fix on your own.  Here are a few of them:

a)       A garage door that does not fully open or does not fully close may not necessarily require garage door repair iNJ as what is observed at Rissland Door.  This may merely be caused by a weak remote opener battery you can easily replace.  Tracks may just be blocked by debris you can clean.  Lubricants such as greases may cause moving parts to stick in very cold weather.  Also check sensors and switches which may require a technician to repair or replace.

b)       Your garage door may produce a lot of noise when opening or closing.  These are usually only caused by debris caught on tracks which you can easily clean.  Lubricate the garage door as recommended in the operations and maintenance manual.

c)       Loose springs or broken cables may cause your garage door to fall or at least open too quickly, causing injury.  This requires a call to have NJ garage door repair send in a qualified technician.

d)       If a door does not open smoothly or shakes from side to side as it opens and closes, it may have a loose spring, obstruction in the tracks or faulty opener motor.  Debris you can remove on your own, but springs and motors have to be replaced or repaired only by qualified NJ garage door repair technicians.

e)       If your remoter opener does not work, check the batteries, then the cables to the motor, and the tracks for any debris.  You can replace batteries and clean the tracks but problems with cables and motors need the attention of professionals.

You may not experience these problems but in case you do, you now know what to do.