If you are looking for wood burning fireplaces for your home then you have some options to choose from. They are preferred over gas ones due to stupendous prices of gas, oil and electricity. Wood which is considered a renewable resource makes modern wood-burning grates green.

Masonry fireplace are one of the options in wood burning hearths. They are the oldest type in fireplaces and are made with a heater placed inside brick, tile, stone, stucco or soapstone façade. Due to its robust structure it weighs around 1,760 pounds on an average. It is fitted with doors that are closed during the burn cycle. The hearth has a firebox and heat exchange channels made from refractory components. The hearth allows complete use of energy. They burn very clean and lead to no emissions.

Masonry fireplace options will not be completed without talking about Rumford heaters. It was designed by Count Benjamin Thomas Rumford in the 1700s. It has low depth, arched throat, slanting sidewalls and upper opening, added with a slighter flue. It provides more heat than firebox types. They are also clean burning and no emission stove.

Fireplace masonry has changed and improved with time. The modern wood burning stoves need less wood to heat the same amount of space as old ones. This saves both the source of energy and time. Today you need to load a fireplace every four to ten hours which is quite a lower frequency compared to what was required for older models. Wood burning hearths can be installed anywhere, if there is an existing chimney or there is wall for a chimney to be made. However, the old chimney should be transformed to modern ones with installation of an insulated UL listed stainless steel chimney liner. They are of heavy steel, cast iron or soapstone. The EPA standardizes the installation and maintenance of wood burning stoves. So your fireplace should abide by the standards specified by it.

Outdoor fireplace masonry is also in vogue these days. If you have a vast garden or lawn, you can get one built in it to spend charming autumnal evenings.