All sellers of merchandise need shopping bags to package products purchased by customers from the shop. Custom shopping bags are great way to market your business. They are printed with your business logo and promotional text. They create a brand or a classy image about your business that you are trying to endorse. There are many manufacturers of shopping bags whose quality and design are just what you are looking for.

custom printed  reusable shopping bagsCustom made shopping bags are widely known as grocery bags. They have multiple names like printed T-shirt shopping bags, poly sacks, T-sacks, poly T-shirt shopping bags, shopping bags, gusseted plastic bags. They are often bought by retailers and food chains. They are made of biodegradable plastic and are durable bags with big handles for ease of holding. Custom printed bags are must-have, if you own a retail or a distribution operation. You cannot do with one or two but will need them bunches.

However, plastic shopping bags have been banned in many of the the ststaes of the US. Usage of plastic bags was proscribed in Los Angeles in June last year. The retail chains that sell groceries, such as Wal-Mart and Target will have to offer bio degradable paper bags. Customers can buy reusable bags near the checkout if they cross minimum purchase level.

Environmental groups around the world are demanding a total ban on plastic bags. These non-decomposable bags end up in the ocean with other debris and puts marine life at peril. They also litter the urban landscape and hinder landfills.  The city of Los Angeles has passed an enactment to ban plastic bags absolutely. The businesses who fail to abide by the new law will pay a penalty of $100 after the first violation, $200 after the second and $500 after the third.

Custom printed reusable bags made of biodegradable materials  are legal and environmental friendly. It is a little contribution you make to conserve our environment!