san diego carpet cleaningScotch-guarding your carpets will all add a fabric protection layer to your carpet. You can call up a professional service provider of great San Diego carpet cleaning who will first clean your carpet to eradicate all loose material, factory filtrate and fibers. Thereafter you can ask them to scotch guard your carpet. Scotch Guard will stick to the rug when it is damp due to cleaning. A good cleaner will rake the carpet after applying the guard. This will bring a sheen and gloss to your carpet. If done correctly, your carpets should be dry and appropriate for moving on within 12-24 hours. Always hire a reputed service provider of San Diego carpet cleaning so that they give you Genuine Scotch Guard as certified by 3M. Genuine Scotch Guard cost over $100 a Gallon and should not be mixed with anything.

Many professionals may talk of offering “Teflon” protectant. This will be cheap and can harm your rugs.  If you feel that scotch guarding the whole carpet is too expensive, then get the traffic areas or the open areas of the carpet guarded. In this case you do not have to remove the furniture. If you feel that your carpet does not require to be cleaned immediately but scotch guarding may help, then that can also be done. Call and ask for free quote from a carpet cleaning company to apply the Scotch Guard to your traffic areas. This will also cut down the cost to a great extent.